Mexican tourism minister sets Guinness World Record for longest travel live stream - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Mexican tourism minister sets Guinness World Record for longest travel live stream
Miguel Torruco Marques aimed to raise awareness about global impact of natural disasters through 55-hour live stream.
Mexican tourism minister sets Guinness World Record for longest travel live stream

Mexican Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco Marques live streamed his 55-hour journey from Mexico City to Tokyo and then Istanbul breaking the Guinness World Record.

He made the journey on a private jet to raise awareness about the global impact of natural disasters.

The initiative was supported by Türkiye's flag carrier Turkish Airlines and Japan's All Nippon Airways.

The live broadcast was streamed on the Mexican Tourism Ministry's social media accounts.

Guinness World Record officials evaluated the footage and confirmed that Marques had broken the previous record of 26 hours 15 minutes 29 seconds for livestreaming a journey, which was set in the Philippines.

Marques, who is also a pilot, stopped in Tokyo to visit a temple that was damaged by a natural disaster and to hold a memorial ceremony.

He then flew to Istanbul, where he was received by Mexico's Ambassador to Türkiye Jose Luis Martinez Hernandez.

Addressing the devastation caused by a major hurricane that hit Mexico's Acapulco port in October, Marques emphasized the city's significance as a renowned tourist destination.

"We set out from Mexico ... on this world tour. We arrived in Tokyo and visited a temple damaged by natural disasters, where we held a commemoration ceremony. We stayed in Tokyo for just one-and-a-half hours for the memorial service," he said.

Marques emphasized the significance of stepping onto Turkish soil, which had been affected by natural disasters. 

He said the journey aimed to contribute to the revival of Acapulco.

Both Türkiye and Mexico rank among the top 10 global tourist destinations, Marques said, emphasizing the potential for collaboration in this crucial sector.

Touching upon the upcoming visit of a Mexican delegation to Türkiye in July to bolster tourism ties, Marques outlined plans to engage with Turkish tourism officials, tour operators, and airlines to promote tourist destinations.

Marques also drew attention to climate change concerns, citing the hurricane's destructive impact on Acapulco and the necessity for environmental conservation efforts to sustain tourism growth.

Regarding bilateral tourism statistics, Marques shared data from 2023, indicating the significant number of Turkish visitors to Mexico and the frequency of flights between the two countries.

Also, Marques praised Türkiye's film and television industry for showcasing the country's beauty internationally.

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