Russian tourists expected to surpass 6M recorded last year in 2024 - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Russian tourists expected to surpass 6M recorded last year in 2024
Türkiye continues to be affordable holiday destination, expert says.
Russian tourists expected to surpass 6M recorded last year in 2024

Turkish tourism authorities estimate that Russian tourists are expected to surpass the 6 million recorded last year in 2024.

Türkiye has become the most popular vacation destination for Russians, particularly since the early 2000s, with millions of Russian tourists visiting the country each year. They mostly visit the cities of Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul.

Türkiye manages to outperform its competitors due to its climate, nature, rich cuisine, developed infrastructure, and high-quality service sector, as well as its ease of transportation via frequent flights by domestic airlines such as Turkish Airlines.

Lisav Travel Manager Bahattin Abi told Anadolu at the Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition 2024 that Türkiye hosted approximately 6 million Russian tourists last year, which he believes to surpass in 2024.

Abi said Russia is a “huge market” and that the “opening of new airport has a huge impact on transit flights.”

‘Authorities say 2024 to be year of Alanya’

Mehmet Dahaoglu, manager at the Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation, said Alanya is a well-known destination that has grown in popularity following the Russian-Ukrainian War.

The most important reason international tourists choose Alanya is its safety, Dahaoglu said.

"We started to receive more tourists after last year tourists happily returned to their country and explained to people about the city," he said, adding that, according to authorities’ estimates, "2024 will be the year of Alanya."

He mentioned that transportation is an important factor, as flights have been impacted by Russia's sanctions, and they are looking for solutions to increase capacity.

Dahaoglu emphasized that tourism is based on a delicate balance, saying: "One of the main reasons why people prefer Alanya is that it is a safe harbor and a city of peace. In fact, everywhere in Türkiye is successful in this regard, as indeed the country manages the price balance and quality better than many countries."

Türkiye remains affordable holiday destination

Dahaoglu said the Russia-Ukrainian war has harmed consumer budgets, but the Turkish tourism sector did not compromise on quality, causing prices to rise.

Despite these developments, he emphasized that Türkiye remains an affordable holiday destination for Russians.

“I think we will exceed the figure of 6 million Russian tourists,” he said.

Russian tourists love Türkiye

A Russian visitor to the exhibition Veronika said they frequently visit Türkiye as they enjoy the country's ease of transportation, which allows them to simply board a plane and visit.

Another Russian Vlada said Türkiye is “undoubtedly” a beautiful country, and they enjoy Turkish cuisine quite a lot.

“Türkiye is a destination that appeals to everyone, as it offers historical vacations as well with its many historical sites, as well as vacations on beaches on the southern coastline," they said.

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