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Simpleview Inaugurated Within the Spanish Tourism Board
Simpleview is proud to announce that it has been named a new collaborating company for the Spanish Tourism Board.
Simpleview Inaugurated Within the Spanish Tourism Board

The collaborating company category includes corporations that are aligned with the Spanish Tourism Board goals — mainly the defence of the Spanish tourism sector and the economic and social assessment of tourism's impact.

Simpleview, the leading provider of CRMCMS, and marketing solutions for destinations worldwide, has headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, and offices worldwide — from Liverpool to Norway, passing through Mexico and twenty cities in the USA. In Spain, it is established in Malaga, in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Simpleview's innovative technology, unique website designs, and data-driven strategies empower destinations worldwide to boost tourism and improve the visitor experience.

Manuel Lara, director of Simpleview for Spain and Portugal, will represent the company within the Spanish Tourism Board. Lara has more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector — the last 15 years holding management positions related to technology, innovation, and tourism marketing. He also participates as a speaker for tourism and innovation events and was an advisory member of the regional committee created during the COVID-19 pandemic in Andalucia.

"With pride, humility, and enthusiasm, we present ourselves as an ally that can contribute new elements to the strategic vision of the Spanish tourism industry, acquired by working on important projects for almost 1,000 tourist destinations spread across all continents," said Lara. "From country brands such as Norway, Northern Ireland, Dubai, Jamaica, Wales, and Scotland to big cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Liverpool, Manchester, Vancouver, Melbourne, Prague, and other regions and communities such as Madrid. Today, we put all that knowledge and expertise at the disposal of the Spanish Tourism Board."

Juan Molas, the president of the Spanish Tourism Board, said, "The entry of Simpleview reinforces the connection of the Tourism Board with the IT sector and its application to progress and improve the tourism sector. We are convinced that the collaboration with this powerful multinational company will bring great synergies and will contribute to mobilising valuable knowledge towards the design of new tourism models."

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