Tunceli: History, world-class rivers in eastern Turkey - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Tunceli: History, world-class rivers in eastern Turkey
Tunceli’s lush flora, history, outdoor sports facilities grab attention of local, foreign tourists.
Tunceli: History, world-class rivers in eastern Turkey

Historical wealth and natural beauty adorn the province of Tunceli in eastern Turkey, deepening its footprint across Turkey and the world.

Rich with a myriad of flora, the banks of springs and streams running across the Munzur and Pulumur valleys national parks enrapture visitors, with piers dotting the Uzuncayir Lake a favorite spot to stave off the summer heat.

The province's rivers served as host for the World Rafting Championship held last June with the participation of 20 countries.

Previous national competitions in rafting, paragliding and Water Jet and Flyboard had also complemented the provinces' waterways.

"This is my first time in Tunceli, we had fun rafting," Ilkay Bilgic, a visitor to the province, told Anadolu Agency.

"Tunceli recently caught [national] public attention in Turkey, but it deserves more tourists," Bilgic said, adding: "Natural beauty and water sports that can be done here should be promoted both at home and abroad."

Avsin Evren, another tourist in the city, said she was glad to see the environment clean and unspoiled, adding: "This is a beautiful place with its people and nature, which everyone must come see, taste and experience."

Local tourists visit Tunceli for its nature and activities, said the head of Munzur Adrenaline and Outdoor Sports Club (MADOSK), Nazim Arslan.

"The feedback we received from all these tourists was quite positive," Arslan said, adding that the city enjoyed a rapidly increasing potential as compared to the previous years.

Mosques, Churches, Castles

Tunceli’s antique mosques, castles, churches, bridges and public baths also attract history enthusiasts over a wide region.

The 1,200-year-old Ergen Church decorate the city's skyline, as does the 13th-century Elti Hatun Mosque and Celebi Ali Mosque which dates back to the late 1500s. The majesty of Cemiskezek and Pertek Castles are also worth seeing. (AA)

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