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RTK President Thomas Bösl: ‘The new EU Tour regulation knockdown of a working system’
Thomas Bösl criticised the new EU travel regulations in his speech to the participants of the annual metting of RTK in Tenerife. Bösl defined the new travel trends and marketing models.
RTK President Thomas Bösl: ‘The new EU Tour regulation knockdown of a working system’

Bösl asked his colleagues to be generous about the training programs of the young talents in their travel agencies. Bösl underlined some important point from 2016

“I think You will agree with me. 2016 was not a satisfying year for us. The terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Germany and Turkey was a great smash on our industry. Furthermore, the political turbulance in Europe laid a great shadow of the EU. Finally the Brexit was the latest disaster over the horizons of Europe. We have o idea about the future effects of the Brexit on our indutry.”

“I express my sincere thanks to our travel agencies for the outstanding performance throughout the year. We owe this great result to your enthusiasm. Please feel free for a great applause for Yourself. This is the proof of the permanent distribution.”

“A tiny revenue loss”

In general, the total revenue loss of the travel agencies under the RTK umbrella is a little bir more than 1.5%. We have to be modest in tolerating this tiny loss. Somehow we have to be careful for the coming years. These conditions may continue.”

“Travel habits will change permanently”

The travel habits are changing and this will go on. The West Mediterranean Destinations are attracting more tourists than ever. The Eastern Mediterranean Destinations have some disadvantages. People are suspicious about the political turmoil there.. They wait and prefer the last minute as they get confident about the destinaiton.”

“Staycation is growing stronger”

People prefer tos tay in their country and spend their holidays around. We have to understand this new trend. People in Salzburg travel to South during June, July and even August and September. A lot of travellers prefer the Northern coasts of Europe. I mean people are gettig used to staycation. This is not a temporary habit. We have to focus on this problem and find an alternative.

“RTK Marketing Partnership”

“How can we respond this? We have developped an RTK Marketing Concept last year as You may remember. I presented this new concept one year ago. Let me underline the most important points of this concept. We have to keep our market against our competitors. We have to build a sustainable communication with our customers. We have to remind them about a holiday even if they have no idea at the moment.”

“The Booking Infos in Tour Operator Catalogues”

“I am kindly talking to our friends from Tour Operators. I recently asked to remove your web adresses from Your catalogs. I know, every customer an easily find your addresses, but we expect a friendly gesture. This is a small detail for you, but it is an important matter of confidence for us. Many of You has already removed the reservation information. I am asking the rest. Please do this. It will be a great favour for You as well.

“EU Package Tour Regulation: Knockdown of a working system”

“Actually it should have been the latest point to be focused on in such a meeting. EU Package Tour Regulation. A bureaucratic massacre indeed. The politicians and the officials in Brussels did it well!. They managed to develop a contra way against the working process. Under the ‘ Securing The Consumers” heading, it is nothing but  knockdown the working system. We have received some positive signals from the politicians so far. I have personally heard Frau Merkel saying “ I  do not want to be fighting against the entire tourism industry” in her speech at BTW Tourism Summit. I am not so much optimistic today. In my opinion, the politicians should moderate this probe, whereever it is possible. I am afraid there will be no solution about this and we have to be in accordance with this.”

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