Oman Air teams up with TPConnects to Digitally Empower Travel Agents in Oman - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Oman Air teams up with TPConnects to Digitally Empower Travel Agents in Oman
Travel Agents in Oman will receive a B2B Platform, their own website with booking engine, mobile application and Corporate Booking Tool with ZERO initial investment.
Oman Air teams up with TPConnects to Digitally Empower Travel Agents in Oman

Accelerating its strategy to ensure quick adoption of its New Distribution Capability (NDC) enabled distribution, Oman Air has partnered with TPConnects in integrating Oman Air NDC API to its Travel Aggregator Platform.

This partnership will enable IATA and Non-IATA Travel Agents to access the Travel Agents' own contracted global distribution system (GDS) along with Oman Air NDC Direct Connect to shop, book and manage travel content from all airlines, hotel suppliers and car rental brands from one single screen. With ZERO initial investment, and on a per passenger transaction fee based model, travel agents will get their own website with booking engine, B2B platform for sub agents and own staff usage, mobile application and corporate booking tool.

Umesh Chhiber, Vice President Revenue Optimization & Pricing, Oman Air commented: “Enhancing our strategic partnership with TPConnects is an important step for the quick adoption of Oman Air NDC enabled distribution. Our technology partner TPConnects has a deep understanding of personalized offer creation and distribution requirement of Oman Air and was also instrumental in implementing NDC Offer and Order Management at Oman Air. We’re committed to partnering with TPConnects and other travel industry leaders to bring NDC benefits to our customers”.

Viraf Tengra, Senior Manager Global Distribution Systems, Oman Air said “Through our partnership with TPConnects for NDC enabled distribution, Travel Agents will be able to upgrade themselves to a complete digital environment as demanded by today’s customers with Oman Airs NDC Direct Connect feed. Unlike in the past where travel agents only made commissions by selling tickets, Oman Air NDC Direct Connect would enable the agents to make more money by selling ancillaries, both air and non-air. We encourage travel partners to make use of this opportunity”

TPConnects is the only IATA NDC DUAL Level 3 Certified IT Provider and Travel Aggregator to get the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) Solution Provider certification in the MENA Region. TPConnects specialized in Next Generation Travel Retailing with air and non-air ancillaries, NDC Offer & Order Management with customer-centric business rules and NDC enabled Distribution.

Rajendran Vellapalath, Chief Executive Officer, TPConnects said “We are proud to partner with Oman Air in distributing their NDC Direct Connect through our Travel Aggregator Platform. By partnering with Oman's National Airline, along with other airlines on GDS we will bring to market NDC-enabled retailing that support the complete travel ecosystem. We are constantly evolving our technology to deliver the world's most advanced travel retailing platform, enabling us to offer agencies faster innovation and more flexible solutions”.

All enhancements and upgrades of the complete solution will be taken care by TPConnects. Travel agents who would like to adopt a complete digital environment to meet today’s customer demand by having their own website with Internet Booking Engine, B2B platform for sub agents and own staff, Mobile application and Corporate Booking Tool along with Oman Air NDC direct connect should register their interest on or email details to

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