New Directions, out now - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

New Directions, out now
A walk into the future of travel
New Directions, out now

Granted, creating a travel magazine over the past year wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge that got us thinking deeply about travel and led us on an odyssey of our own. That’s why we are so excited to share the 2021 issue of Directions, entitled Odyssey. It’s a true labor of love and an ode to something that’s bound so many of us over time: walking. At once something so universal yet personal, it was through the genuine joy of this simple act we took a gentle journey around the world. Through a good dose of ‘digital backpacking’ and heaps of nimble collaboration, we are proud to have navigated a journey that spans four continents, without a single flight taken.

This year’s issue, Odyssey, explores the central theme of walking and invites a broad range of voices on a conscious exploration of what this means to them. In Jini Reddy’s lead essay Travel Stripped Bare, the travel author and avid wayfarer walks us through the impact and significance of walking and reminds us just how empowering, inclusive, and uplifting it can be. For our collaborative contemplation on the subject, My Private Odyssey captures the unique cultural perspectives of 11 artists of varied disciplines from Senegal, the UK, The Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, and more. We also take you on a trip to discover the fruits of foraging and 4,000 years of farming know-how high in the Andean mountains. And what really blew us away was the outpouring we got from our hotels when we asked them to share their most picturesque, challenging, and inspiring walks; a collective response so heartfelt we turned it into an interactive series, Design Hotels Walks. Speaking of hotels, we were so moved by the resilience of Patina Maldives’ team, we documented the process of them making the hotel over the past year. As with previous editions, a full locator guide to our entire portfolio is also included.

Directions is our annual magazine that looks at movements in travel, art, design, food, and wellness, and how they affect the way we live and move around this planet. Featuring artists, thinkers, writers, photographers, illustrators, and designers, Directions explores a different theme in each issue, culling the insights of varied voices from around the world into a vividly rich travel compendium. 

While we don’t yet know what this next year will bring, we know that greater care for our beautiful planet will need to lead the way. That Promadic thinking led us to The Good Traveler, a mental checklist for kinder traveling. This is also why sustainable production was top of mind and why we are so excited for the upcoming digital edition that will accompany our print edition (available in Classic or Collector’s Edition) and will further bring this issue to life.

Image Credit: © design hotels AG

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