Kempinski Hotels named as a 2024 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Kempinski Hotels named as a 2024 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner
Kempinski Hotels is proud to announce to be named as a 2024 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner for the third time in a row.
Kempinski Hotels named as a 2024 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner

The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA) was created in 2007 with the purpose to identify and celebrate companies that make employee engagement their genuine priority and are reflecting this at the very core of their culture. The Award honors thriving organizations that have attained world-class performance by making engagement a cornerstone of their business strategy.

Gallup data shows that, while only 21% of employees worldwide are engaged, companies winning the Exceptional Workplace Award have engagement levels higher than 70%. This is because companies that with the GEWA consistently place people, both employees and customers, and their values at the center of decision-making.

“Becoming a 3 times GEWA winner demonstrates our commitment towards embracing a culture that revolves around the experience and wellbeing of our people,” states Melissa Salibi, Chief Human Resources Officer Kempinski Hotels and Member of the Management Board. “Yet again we have submitted a comprehensive application, detailing our people strategy and how we bring that to life with engaging best practices. Doing the same as previous years is not conducive to winning, even if we talk about consistent and sustainable practices. What the panel of judges, selected amongst leading workplace scientists and experts, want to see is what we have done in addition to previous years. How we put in place new people-related initiatives that contribute to the high engagement levels in the company.”

And she adds: “In 2024, we plan to take our focus on engagement to new heights and become world-class in the Gallup Luxury Database. We will facilitate our goals by conducting training specially tailored for Kempinski and by putting in place a network of Continuous Improvement Agents in our properties.”

Image Credit: © Kempinski Hotels

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