Healing Hotels offers Healing Certification - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Healing Hotels offers Healing Certification
Certification stresses the healing advantage.
Healing Hotels offers Healing Certification

As the world starts to get back to a new normal in the wake of Covid-19, healing is in high demand. With borders opening and travel resuming, people want to feel secure that hotels not only adhere to the strictest safety measures, but can also credibly cater to the growing need for a healing experience to help them recover from the trauma of living for more than a year in a Covid-battered world.

To respond to this demand, Healing Hotels of the World is now offering their member hotels a new Healing Certification. Based on the comprehensive healing excellence criteria that member hotels must meet before joining Healing Hotels, as well as adherence to Covid safety measures relevant to their region, this certification allows member hotels to effectively communicate their healing advantage.

“The Healing Certification shows member hotels’ commitment to healing on both a safety and a holistic level,” says Anne Biging, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World. “Covid-19 safety protocols are coupled with the hotels’ deeply nourishing programs to create healing havens for body, mind, and soul. We know that spending time at one of these special destinations will help guests find a release from the stress we have all experienced over this past year, and provide a new sense of peace and vitality.”

The Healing Certification will be awarded in both the Resort and Urban Healing Hotels of the World collections. Member hotels must fulfill the Covid safety measures relevant to their region, with guidance from the World Health Organization.

In addition, many Healing Hotels of the World are also offering programs specifically designed to help people heal from the trauma of the past year. Examples include:

Euphoria Retreat / Boost Your Energy / Greece

This retreat is designed to rebalance mind, body, and energy for a new start, allowing to find inner peace removing stress and anxiety and negative emotions of the Covid time.

The Retreat / Emotional Healing & Recovery Retreat / Costa Rica

This package helps to find back to oneself, letting go and releasing the emotional traumas and stresses of life to recover from difficult times.

Rancho La Puerta / 21-day life-fulfilling Ranch retreat / Mexico

Many people do not want to go back to their old frenzied schedules. Rancho La Puerta’s Perfect Balance Sabbatical creates a balance where rest, play, movement and stillness allow to fuel one’s greater mission. Work less and make more impact!

“Our Healing Hotel members from across the globe have put in great effort to make their love and passion for a truly healing stay tangible,” says Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, Co-Founder of Healing Hotels of the World. “The Healing Certification and the special healing packages that our member hotels have developed really gives a better understanding as to how and why travel can help people recover from the trauma of the past year.”

For additional information on What to expect from a HEALING CERTIFIED Resort and What to expect from a HEALING CERTIFIED Urban Hotel, click here! 

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