Global meeting of tourism experts at the ‘World Tourism Forum’ in Angola - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Global meeting of tourism experts at the ‘World Tourism Forum’ in Angola
In organizing the “World Tourism Forum” in collaboration with the Tourism Ministry of Angola, the Turkish Businessman Bulut Bağcı succeeded in opening the doors of Angola towards the world. The important meeting was also attended by the former President of France, François Hollande, and the Tourism Minister of the Republic of Ghana, Barbara Oteng Gyasi.
Global meeting of tourism experts at the ‘World Tourism Forum’ in Angola

Bağcı registered many possibilities for international investors in Angola. Amongst the speakers at the World Tourism Forum was also the well-known tourism expert Hüseyin Baraner. Here are the words of his speech:

“Africa is experiencing radical change in a good sense, and it should be supported in this change by the Europeans. In this context tourism is a very important tool.

Africa most of all needs investments in many kinds of holidays, and there are many places, as it is the case with Angola, which are perfectly suited for family and beach holidays, but also sport, wellness and lifestyle holidays.

It is not enough for the development of tourism that major brands like for instance Hilton, Hyatt or Marriott open hotels in big cities which are catering for business travelers.

Africa needs the support of Europe and especially from Germany.

Tour operators are flying tourists to places in faraway Asia, the Southern Pacific or to the tiniest and most remote island of the Caribbean, but almost no tourist to Sub-Sahara Africa. This must change.  Now almost no association of official body tries to draw investments to Africa. This is one of the reasons why this World Tourism Forum which we are attending today is so important.

What we need most of all is a comprehensive investment plan showing all favorable conditions and which must be prepared professionally in order to promote Angola in a proper manner. PR is very important, we must create awareness for Angola and people all over the world must hear, see and read the word “Angola” as often as possible.

The tourism market is witnessing increasingly aggressive competition and competition is almost merciless. Therefore, Angola needs “tourism ambassadors” in Europe who speak up for this wonderful country and keep it in the mind of Europeans.

Angola is a wonderful country especially for European Third Agers who are looking for new destinations to pass the long winter months away from home. Also, the many charter airlines which operate out of more than 200 cities in Europe from London to Moscow are looking for new places to fly to. Therefor I am convinced that as many of those companies as possible should be made aware of all that is offered by Angola.

These companies should be well taken care of in the time they need to learn all about Angola.

If Angola should be successful in tourism more African countries will be able to follow Angola´s lead.

In order to achieve this, Angola must start with determining a destination suited to harbor several beach, sport and wellness resort hotels with a very good infrastructure and providing a healthy environment in order to be visited also by families with children and by third agers.

In a destination to be planned from scratch Angola and Africa will have the opportunity to make allowance for the new needs and expectations of tourists as well as all the lifestyle expectation which are en vogue now. In order to succeed in this endeavor, it will be necessary to work with professional managers, and it is also very important that a project like this will not only be supported economically but also politically by the European Union and the World Bank.

Tourism will be able to stimulate other branches of the economy as well, because it is, as an economic factor, strong enough to carry other branches along. Thus, tourism will enable the countries in Africa to cope with all kinds of risk and crisis´, to wipe out diseases, and to secure the education of young people.

But tourism is not only a matter of finance and economy. Tourism also encourages people to meet and come together, thus creating social synergies, it facilitates empathy and helps mutual understanding.

Of course, we know that the European Ministries of Foreign Affairs are warning potential travelers to Africa about crime and health problems which might be encountered in destinations in Sub-Sahara Africa. Problems like these must be taken seriously, but still I think many of them could be handled with better cooperation between Africa and Europe.

I am convinced that the European Union would be able to develop some African destinations to be examples that investments will pay off.

Also, underemployment is a major problem in many African countries, ant tourism can make a big contribution to lessen this burden. As far as all these topics are concerned, Africa needs a new fair-minded and straightforward start.

Angola has all the right to talk about topics like these at eye level with the Europeans. I will make it my special concern to inform all the members of my personal network worldwide about Angola and the opportunities it offers.”

Hüseyin Baraner

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