Germanyfans GmbH presents the ‘Grandparents Days’ at the ‘Urlaub Freizeit Reisen’ tourism trade fair - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

Germanyfans GmbH presents the ‘Grandparents Days’ at the ‘Urlaub Freizeit Reisen’ tourism trade fair
On the 22nd of March 2019 the world will experience the announcement of the “Grandparents Day” at a special stand with 1,000 square meters at the “Urlaub Freizeit Reisen” tourism trade fair in the “four country region” surrounding Lake Constance. With the concept “Grandparents Day” Mrs. Steigenberger aims at supporting mutual experiences of grandpas and grandmas with their grandchildren.
Germanyfans GmbH presents the ‘Grandparents Days’ at the ‘Urlaub Freizeit Reisen’ tourism trade fair

In choosing the “four country region” surrounding Lake Constance Germanyfans Ltd. has found the very best source market for travels and holidays of grandparents and grandchildren because of our favorable features:

1.       The region surrounding Lake Constance is one of the most favored retirement homes preferred by well-to-do best agers. Thus a big part of all grandparents loving to spend their holidays with grandchildren – and also are able to afford it – from Germany, Austria, Swiss and Liechtenstein is living here!

2.       With the three airports Memmingen, Friedrichshafen and Zurich – each a mere one hour drive far from each other – the region surrounding Lake Constance offers a very tightly packed but at the same time comfortable and affordable flight infrastructure with many flights to well-known holiday destinations like for instance Spain, Turkey, Egypt and Greece, to name only the most important ones.

3.       Including the economically most successful German Federal States of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, but also parts of Swiss, Austria and Liechtenstein, Lake Constance Region does not only comprise many of the cultural characteristics of Central Europe but also a formidable economic power which shows itself in the travel and holiday preferences of its population.

4.       Notwithstanding the high percentage of well-to-do senior citizens Lake Constance Region is very dynamic and vibrates with joy of living. The „four country region“ is forward-looking and open for progress – characteristics which help senior citizens to stay young, full of joy and open-minded as well as looking forward to new experiences obtained by travel and holidays.

Grandparents Days – an appropriate reaction to the new generation of juvenile, open-minded and fun-loving grandparents!

Grandparents – until few years ago this evoked the picture of endearing grandpas and grandmas who lovingly entertained grandchildren by reading fairy tales to them or playing games with them.

This has changed. Nowadays we the number of grandparents who stayed so fit mentally and physically that they look more like parents with lots of time on their hands and not showing their true age at all. They are not withdrawing from everyday life at all but in contrary start to enjoy living even more than before – and also by travelling or spending holidays with their grandchildren.


When experience and childlike enthusiasm meet

An increasing number of grandparents likes to share their vast experiences with their grandchildren and at the same time to take part at the open-mindedness and childlike enthusiasm of the young ones. Thus both generations profit and learn from each other: the children enjoy the relaxed matter-of-course attitude their grandparents show while meeting foreign cultures, new impressions and experiences, and on the other side the grandparents enjoy the open-minded curiosity and the sanguine passion which enables them to adopt new insights and experiences.

It is this awesome combination of positive traits the “Grandparents Days by Germanyfans” wants to arouse in the minds of grandparents but also in the awareness of tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and tourism master minds!

Supporters of the “Grandparents Days”

“Grandparents Days by Germanyfans” as a special show on 1,000 square meters presented from March 20 to March 24 2019 at the “Urlaub Freizeit Reisen” tourism trade fair in Friedrichshafen will be sponsored by Corendon Airlines, a Turkish-Netherland airlines flying to Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Spain from the airports Memmingen and Friedrichshafen.

Also rtk, the biggest travel agency cooperation in Europe, supports the Grandparents Days by Germanyfans Ltd. with a big stand at our special show. Many rtk travel agencies with their products will present themselves and grandparents will be able to book holidays and also flights by Corendon Airlines here.

AIDA Cruises also sponsors “Grandparents Days” and will be happy to receive grandparents and their grandchildren to wonderful cruise trips all over the world.

Last but not least “Land of Legends”, the biggest amusement park in Turkey owned by Rixos Hotels will invite grandparents and their grandchildren to a trip to the legendary pleasure ground in the Turkish holiday resort Belek.

At the “Travel Expert Night” on 22nd of March 2019 Christine Steigenberger will launch the “Grandparents Day” applauded by about 300 invited rtk travel agencies and other travel agencies from the Lake Constance Region, thus offering tourism professionals a new concept for electrifying holidays shared by grandparents and grandchildren.

The program of the “Grandparents Days” will be completed by the competition “Best postcard written to grandparents” (with a mammoth price: an XXL family holiday for 8 related family members at the Ela Quality Resort Hotel including flights), the “Best Kidsclub Hotel Awards” and many more sweepstakes and lotteries catering for grandparents and grandchildren.

Important facts about the “Urlaub Freizeit Reisen” tourism trade fair in Friedrichshafen:

·         Founded in 2015

·         A vast trade fair area with 123,000 square meters in 12 halls

·         71,200 visitors and 130 exhibitors in 2018

·         Three more trade fairs at the same time, open for all visitors

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