UEFA Champions League generates 237,000,000€ in travel - Get updated on what's happening in tourism!

UEFA Champions League generates 237,000,000€ in travel
FootballOnefootball and travel search engine GoEuro.com partnered to better understand the effect the UEFA Champions League has on the transportation and tourism industry in Europe. Their findings clearly show the amazing reach the sport has within the continent.
UEFA Champions League generates 237,000,000€ in travel


Cities with participating teams experience a boost in their hospitality sector which is only comparable to income from the convention industry. Therefore, GoEuro and Onefootball are looking into how this data can be used by governments to promote sports in a sustainable way.


The research focused on the costs of transport and accommodation and did not factor the price of tickets into the calculations. However, average tourist expenses (inner city transport, expenses and dining costs taken from EGATUR Insitute for Tourism Studies) along with GoEuro’s own beer price and accommodation indexes were used to calculate how much cities could make throughout the competition.


From the findings, it was calculated that Barcelona, Munich and Turin all look to have made an estimated 5,637,000€ from their home teams having made it to the semi-finals. Madrid, who have made it to the same stage in the competition, could have received a similar income, however the selection of their two teams playing in their home city means a loss of income from visiting fans.


Onefootball.com is a football information app with over 19 million downloads. GoEuro.com is a Europe-based multimode search engine in to compare rail, bus and flights. For further information vist the Onefootball or GoEuro infographic pages.

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